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Nengajo 2013

Posted by ampontan on Tuesday, January 1, 2013

THE first greeting traditionally offered in Japan on New Year’s Day is Akemashite, o-medeto gozaimasu.

So, akemashite, y’all! And Happy New Year!

22 Responses to “Nengajo 2013”

  1. Happy New Year, Bill. And RIP.

  2. 21st Century Schizoid Man said

    Bill さん、明けましておめでとうございます。あなたはもうこの世にはいないのだけど、ちゃんとこうして新年のあいさつをしてくれました。このブログの他の読者も、わずかな例外を除いて、みんなあなたに感謝していますよ。2013年はあなたのいない年になってしまうけど、私はあなたとどこかでつながって生きていくと思っていますから、今年は不在のあなたとそうやって暮らしていく最初の年ですね。どうか、日本と日本人を見守ってやってください。愛してます。

    Dearest Bill: Happy New Year! Though you are not here anymore, you throughtfully left us with your new year’s salute. Other readers of this blog, except for a few, all thank and miss you. 2013 will have to be a year without you, but I think I will live on being connected with you somehow in someway, so I take it as a first year to live with you that way despite of your absence. Please watch over Japan and Japanese. I love you.

  3. 21st Century Schizoid Man said

    Correction! (Bill used to correct for me and then erase this sort of request to correct, very thoughtful man he was) wrong: “you throughtfully” correct: “you thoughtfully”.

  4. Avery said

    This seems to have been the last post. Bill would have been chagrined that he wasn’t able to get one last potshot in at the NYT for their obituary of one Ms. Beate Gordon, who they fawningly describe as a “heroine in Japan” for writing their constitution with no credentials.

    The Ampontan article practically writes itself. I’d write it myself but it’s a Sisyphean battle against the NYT and its ilk, one that only Bill could handle.

  5. Marellus said


    Below is an article that is agitating for government intervention in the enrollment of more middle-class white males at British universities. Is there a similar phenomenon in Japan ?

    Happy new year.

  6. Avery said

    Marellus, I’m sorry to say that Ampontan has passed on.

    By the way, my dad e-mailed me a link to that Beate Gordon article, so I did a full deconstruction here:

  7. Marellus said


    This is terrible; when did this happen ?

    My condolences to you, and your family.

  8. Avery said

    I guess comments are disabled or broken. Okay.

  9. Avery said

    …that one went through. Well, anyway. I never knew Ampontan, although I live just an hour from his house. But I’ll be making a tribute to him on my blog.

  10. Mac said

    Beate Sirota Gordon, especially the Beate Sirota Gordon who had some influence in the Japanese constitution, was not an “American Jew”. She was a Viennese Jew who largely grew up in Japan. The feministic influences which entered the constitution came primarily from Weimar and Soviet sources, not American … an America which was seriously lacking in women’s rights.

    Can I suggest anyone interested in this topic starts with,

    ‘Pedagogy of Democracy: Feminism and the Cold War in the U.S. Occupation of Japan’ by Mire Koikari.

    Far from being seen as a “American hero”, Beate was targeted and investigated for what was seen as her left wing and subversive influence at the time the USA were recreating Japan as a conservative bulwark against the spread of communism, vis-a-vis the CIA structuring and investing in the relationship between the LDP, Yakuza and big business, an enforcing the nuclear power option on Japan.

    History is being re-written to reinforce the myth of the beneficial influence of aggressive and unasked for American hegemony within the Pacific-Asian region and beyond; and to portray Japanese, and Asia society in general, as needy of its power, and negatively.

    In short, to justify America’s imperial aggression.

    The changes in Japan fell far short because the primary intention was to bring about women’s rights but disempower the old political regime.

  11. Mac said

    Reading that article, I am amazed … this individual is serious stating that Japan and the Japanese were

    “too immature or evil to be allowed their own constitution … long been producing an inferior, “feudal” mockery of Western civilization … foolishly allowed to operate as an independent nation.”

    Beate is lauded as ” … the American hero who helped them become the servant state they are today.”

    WTF … this person is trolling, right?

  12. Ken said


    As Avery does not seem to know the details of Bill’s death, I will inform you.
    Read ‘Ichigen-Koji (268)’ and you will find Tony’s explanation. I am awaiting their notice on Bill’s memorial.

  13. nipkilla592952959 said

    rest in pieces fuckface

  14. nipkilla592952959 said

    Mac, hope you end up with a nice .50 CAL round through your brain

  15. antinipa9529999 said

    Mac, please catch aids

  16. antinipa9529999 said


  17. antinipa9529999 said


  18. antinipa9529999 said

    waste of food

  19. No.6 said

    Debumping the vulture spammer assholes dancing on a dead mans grave.


  20. No.6 said

    continuing to bump down 12-year-old spammer

  21. No.6 said

    continuing to bump down 40-year-old spammer who lives in his mom’s basement

  22. No.6 said

    Wait a sec, actually read the spammer, and he’s making DEATH THREATS?

    Mom’s gonna be pissed when the police show up at your door.

    Leave the crap up for all to see. No more bumps.

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