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Ichigen koji (274)

Posted by ampontan on Sunday, December 30, 2012

– A person who has something to say about everything

South Korean historical scholar Cheong Jae-jeong’s statement that Takeshima is the same as Mt. Fuji for the South Korean people is absurd. The intellectuals and the mass media give their full support to the government’s propaganda that small islets which had no meaning for them 60 years ago are now the symbol of the race. Cheong is affiliated with the Korean Northeast Asian History Foundation, which is a propaganda organ. It would be pointless to conduct joint historical research with them.

– The Tweeter known as Aceface

One Response to “Ichigen koji (274)”

  1. lastnamekim said

    I’m sure most Koreans would say that the “Mt. Fuji” for Koreans lies on the border of present day China and North Korea, known as Mt. Paektu (aka Baekdu san, aka Chang Bai Shan). He may have meant that the issue itself has become a symbol of nationalism…not necessarily the holy significance as Mt. Fuji has to Japanese or Paektu has for ethnic Koreans.

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