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Voting with their feet

Posted by ampontan on Saturday, December 22, 2012

ACTIONS speak louder than words, it’s said, and here’s a report on the actions of some Chinese VIPs that speaks very loudly indeed. The emphasis is mine:

When given the chance, officials of the People’s Republic of China continue to rush for the exits. During an eight-day period from Sept. 30 to Oct. 7 when two holidays were celebrated, over 1,100 public servants who traveled abroad did not return, according to a statement issued on Oct. 15 by the Party’s Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and the Central Organization Department.

Note that this is not speculation from an outside source; it is confirmation by the CCP itself.

Here’s the reason:

These holidays were right before the 18th National Party Congress. The PRC is estimated to have over one million “naked officials”—individuals who park their bank accounts and families overseas in expectation of eventually joining them.

The measures the government is taking to prevent this seem like a reprise from the border controls of the old Soviet bloc:

The command group increased personnel to guard key seaports, airports, and borders. It also dispatched over 8,000 special police to these places before Sept. 28. At the same time, over 350 of the latest instruments for the detection of counterfeit passports were installed in these airports and seaports.

It is beginning to look as if the race is on in China among three runners. The first is the one representing greater openness and democracy fueled by prosperity. While that is what the world is rooting for, I would not put my money on it hitting the tape first. The real race is between the other two.

The second is that representing the malevolent hegemon colossus standing astride the globe. It is not possible to deny that this is the objective of a significant portion of the Chinese leadership and population both. They wouldn’t call themselves malevolent, of course. In keeping with centuries of Chinese tradition, they would call it “correct”.

And the third is that representing the end of the mass corruption, despotism, and spiritual and physical pollution in collapse, disorder, and internal violence, leading to the breakup of the Chinese state into several smaller entities.

It would seem the 1,100 officials cited in this article have already placed their bets.

Is that big Beijing wheel going to explode?

3 Responses to “Voting with their feet”

  1. toadold said

    The thing that is bothersome to me about this outflow of wealthy Chinese from the mainland is the possibility of “Californication”. In the US areas where Californians have moved to to escape the financial and regulatory disaster that the state is have found that they get into local politics and want to institute the very policies that led California into its problems. So I wonder about people who have been part of the Chinese oligarchy and their attitude towards the concept of respect for law. In the US we already have enough leftists who want a dictatorship of the proletariat.

  2. Tony said

    Yes, I’m sure these Chinese are hell bent on instilling a left wing dictatorship of the proletariat. After all, they can’t be leaving because they hate oppression and lack of freedom in their own country, they must be trying to spread it. And all that money they’ve ripped off from China and are hiding in American banks is a smoke screen. Truly, they’re very clever.

  3. yankdownunder said

    U.S. Forfeits $2.1 Million Worth of Property Purchased with Alleged Bribes Paid to the Family of the Former President of Taiwan

    “The Kleptocracy Initiative was established to prevent corrupt leaders from using the United States as a safe haven for their ill-gotten gains,” said Assistant Attorney General Breuer

    Will US help China to recover money from these Chinese?
    Will China ask for help or remain silent?

    “to prevent corrupt leaders from using the United States as a safe haven for their ill-gotten gains,”
    The US should not allow Chinese government to buy Treasury bonds.

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