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Ichigen koji (246)

Posted by ampontan on Saturday, December 1, 2012

– A person who has something to say about everything

Regardless of how harshly they criticize each other, it is the fate of the Democratic Party, Liberal Democratic Party, and New Komeito to be forced to work together after the election. Gridlock will prevent the operation of the government otherwise. While the people are diverted by disagreements over policy, they are being decieved by the concealment of the real points at dispute. More important than policy is the logic of numbers. Policy can be fudged, but the numbers can’t.

Even if Abe and the LDP were to score a large victory in the election, the Abe election policies will not be achieved without the cooperation of the DPJ in the upper house. That’s why the three parties share a common destiny. What those three parties really fear is the growth of the so-called Third Force. That’s why the DPJ and the LDP have to put on a strong show of opposition to each other.

-Tanaka Yoshitsugu, journalist. The emphasis was in the original.

One Response to “Ichigen koji (246)”

  1. toadold said

    Everywhere you look it seem to be a “Night of the long…sporks.”

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