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All you have to do is look (122)

Posted by ampontan on Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Kishiwada Danjiri Festival held annually in Kishiwada, Osaka, is an example of the intensity with which Japanese participate in these traditional events. Danjiri is the local term for a festival float, and each of the 34 districts in the city has one. They are pulled at maximum speed through town, and they don’t slow down for turns at intersections. In fact, that maneuver also has a special name: yarimawashi. (Photo: Asahi Shimbun)

The following Youtube video is a compilation of some of the mishaps that have occurred over the years. Get your socks on before pressing play — and remember that they still do this every year.

One Response to “All you have to do is look (122)”

  1. Our town’s dashi are the same. Solid thick wood (sakura? oak?) throughout, an all-iron undercarriage, and giant steel rimmed wooden wheels that do not pivot. A massively heavy and scary thing to pull and push for those high speeds necessary for heaving round neighborhood corners. And of course crazy dangerous. One of our guys lost three toes on his right foot under those wheels! Which probably explains why each of the last few years our town’s various festival planning committies have been split between those who want to be on the safe side and those who want to keeps things otokorashii. The safe side seems to be winning, cause it’s now no longer allowed to stand atop the dashi.

    Thanks for that and all the other less serious videos, A.

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