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All you have to do is look (117)

Posted by ampontan on Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Kitsune (Fox) Fire Festival in Hida, Gifu. Participants have white whiskers and red noses painted on their faces, and about 70 people bearing torches join the wedding procession for the foxes. Here’s the English-language explanation provided by Gifu.

One Response to “All you have to do is look (117)”

  1. toadold said

    I was reading an article on National Review Online if I remember correctly, an in it the author postulated that ceremonies, games, and rituals of neighborhoods did more to keep society civil than did laws. Also that secular movements esp. those that tended toward central control broke society down and as a result people became more “thuggish”. This may explain why Japan maintains equanimity in the face of hardship better than most.?

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