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Subliminal images, superliminal odors

Posted by ampontan on Monday, November 19, 2012

Earlier this week, NHK announcer Morimoto Takeshige was arrested for giving a woman an unwanted chest massage on a train. The story was covered on Friday by the Tokyo Broadcasting System (TBS ) morning television show hosted by Mino Monta. During the broadcast, this and a few other unrelated images of Liberal Democratic Party President Abe Shinzo were inserted into the story.

The caption at the top right is in regard to the sexual harassment story, while the vertical white lettering below it identifies Abe Shinzo.

Mr. Abe was told about it and wrote the following on his Facebook page.

“That was exactly the same day the Diet was dissolved.

“Hasn’t the negative campaigning already begun?

“If this were an accident, they should have approached me to apologize, but they haven’t done a thing.

“One of the female announcers on the program later said, ‘We broadcast an unrelated image just a little while ago. We’re very sorry.’

“When I was campaigning for the LDP presidency, TBS tried to manipulate public opinion with a malicious subliminal message by intentionally inserting my photograph in the middle of a report about Unit 731.

“For the next month, this sort of battle will be waged with the mass media. I will fight this together with you.”

The Japanese word for the mass media is masu komi, which is short for mass communications. The Japanese word for garbage is gomi, and people began substituing mass gomi for mass komi long ago.

It’s an international phenomenon of garbage, isn’t it? But the thinking public has known that for years, so it doesn’t come as a surprise.

The surprise is that they all wear the garbage on their lapels as a badge of honor.


Speaking of Unit 731, the Chinese have just applied to have the former site placed on the UNESCO World Heritage Site list. (It was based in China.)

When the Japanese made the same application for the A-bomb dome (ruins) in Hiroshima, the Chinese were opposed.

One Response to “Subliminal images, superliminal odors”

  1. Ken said

    These are called Stealth Marketing among Net-Uyoku (Right-winger existed only in internet).
    A Japanese TV station altered from Japanese food of original story to Korean food in an Anime.
    Surely, it is weird that ordinary Japanese serve unknown Korean food at home.

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