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New Japanese paper

Posted by ampontan on Tuesday, November 13, 2012

PERHAPS the most intriguing aspect of Japanese traditional arts and crafts is the willingness of the artists and artisans to use the tools, materials, and techniques to create something entirely new, rather than churn out copies of museum pieces.

One of those artists is former fashion model Sato Yukari of Yosei, Aichi. A former fashion model, Ms. Sato is now working as a designer and a washi (Japanese paper) artisan.

Her story is one that Japanese often tell: She first came to realize the merits of Japan while working overseas. She returned to Ehime in 2010 to begin her work with washi.

Ms. Sato told an interviewer from the Asahi Shimbun that her objective was to have everyone realize once again the excellence of their culture and traditional crafts, and to help add some vitality to the region at the same time.

What she says in the following video isn’t so different from what I’ve already written. Focus instead on how she goes about her work and what she produces.

One Response to “New Japanese paper”

  1. 21st Century Schizoid Man said

    Bill: You posted in Japanese and the two paragraphs are identical…..

    Aside from that, this lady is stunningly beautiful and no wonder she once worked as a fashion model. I thought about adding something more, but that would only be my same old mumbling so I gave up that idea.

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