Japan from the inside out

Help wanted

Posted by ampontan on Thursday, November 8, 2012

THIS report from China Daily is another one of those that speaks for itself:

Competition for jobs at China Marine Surveillance is tough this year with more than 7,400 people applying for 95 positions, data released by the State Oceanic Administration showed.

“China Marine Surveillance is developing fast, facing harsher tasks and we need more people,” an unnamed CMS official said, adding that by the end of 2015, another 5,000 people will join the team.

This year, the East China Sea branch of CMS received 584 applications for a position as a law enforcement worker who can speak Japanese.


“We are exploring ways to solve the conflict between demand and supply, because as our patrol fleet expands, the demand for captains and chief engineers is surging,” the official said.

So: China Marine Surveillance is expanding to the extent that the demand for captains and chief engineers is surging, and they need “law enforcement workers” who can speak Japanese.

Those with the eyes to see…


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