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The top of the Japanese pops

Posted by ampontan on Tuesday, November 6, 2012

IT’S the Top of the Pops Japan! The Japanese Society for the Rights of Artists, Composers, and Publishers (JASRAC) released their list of the top 100 songs over the past thirty years ranked by copyright usage fees received from broadcast, net distribution, and karaoke use.

The society presents its JASRAC Award every year to the song that received the most money in usage fees, but this list was specially presented to commemorate the 30th anniversary of their founding. They did not release the amount of money generated by each song, but they did give a special award to the top three songs.

And here they are. The leader of the pack was SMAP with Just One Flower for the World. This performance features some nice, healthy, elastic girls.

Popularity at karaoke establishments supported the rankings of #2 and #3. Number two was Izakaya, a duet with Itsuki Hiroshi and Kinomi Nana. An izakaya is a small, traditional Japanese eating and drinking establishment, with the emphasis on drinking. In the first verse, the woman allows as how she’ll accept a bourbon, and make it a double. This is probably a clip from the old Sunday evening television program Enka no Hanamichi.

Mr. Itsuki was awarded the Medal with Purple Ribbon in 2007, one of the Medals of Honor that are decorations of the Japanese government. The purple one is for academic and artistic accomplishment.

In third place was another duet: Futari no Osaka, by Miyako Harumi and Miyazaki Tadashi, who were once married. The title has a compactness difficult to convey in English, but might be translated as The Two of Us and Osaka.

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