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Kan non-power

Posted by ampontan on Tuesday, November 6, 2012

When Kan was out of control, his anger was frightening…One prime minister destroying Japan…In terms of the monetary of damage they caused, the prime ministers would rank in this order: Konoe Fumimaro, Tojo Hideki, and Kan (Naoto).
– Ishii Takaaki, freelance journalist covering science and technology issues

THE following news report speaks for itself:

The nation’s 10 electric power companies released their interim reports for the term ended September 2012. The sharp increase in fuel costs for thermal power generation (i.e., oil and coal) to replace the idled nuclear power plants resulted in eight utility companies recording net losses of JPY 670 billion, or about $US 8.4 billion. (The exceptions were Hokuriku and Okinawa.) Kansai Electric and Kyushu Electric have already announced they will raise rates, and Tohoku Electric, Shikoku Electric, and Hokkaido Electric said they were considering it.

The aggregate fuel costs for the 10 companies totaled JPY 3.5 trillion, 1.4 times greater than the year-before period.

In other words, the losses average out to one billion dollars per utility over the past six months.

This insert is from another source about Kyushu Electric Power:

The utility posted its worst performance ever on the interim report for September 2012 when it showed a final loss of JPY 165 billion yen. Kyushu Electric will probably not pay dividends, the first time that will have happened since its founding in 1951.

Back to the conclusion of the original report, which is difficult to read without choking:

The rate increases will have a serious impact on household budgets and corporate operations. If the companies apply to raise rates, the stance of the government will be to strongly urge them to cut personnel expenses and other costs.

How about if the government allows them to conduct their business of generating power and gets out of the way?

The slogan of Kan Naoto’s Democratic Party of Japan is “Putting People First”. The words might change, but the sentiment is the same for left-of-center parties everywhere. So are the results when they are allowed to try their ideas in the real world: Putting it to the People First.

That slogan and others like it are the ultimate in spin doctoring. The message is only the medium for seizing power. The motivating spirit is vindictiveness, and you can see it in their eyes: Kan Naoto, Fukushima Mizuho, and the other people for whom voting is an act of revenge.

They’re the people who don’t know who built what because they’ve never built anything themselves and wouldn’t know where to start. Their instincts run to tearing things down.

A clean, bright, healthy future for our children?

Not if you replace the rose-colored glasses with a green eyeshade and do the arithmetic.

Some people actually prefer the Dark Ages:

Who are the politicians that these people support, and who are the politicians that would speak for them?

Who are the real enemies of the people, comrades?

All you have to do is look.

Moriya Hideo wrote and performs on this piece called Kan-Non Power. Twenty years down the road, only the hyphen has moved.

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