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All you have to do is look (98)

Posted by ampontan on Monday, November 5, 2012

Scenes from the Karatsu Kunchi, a three-day festival in Saga that ended yesterday. Men dressed as firefighters during the Edo period pull 14 floats through the city streets to the accompaniment of flutes, drums, and chants of Enya! (Those floats are lacquered and date from the 19th century.) They all end up arranged for display at the same spot. I went to see it my first year in Japan. The ground at that plot is sandy — Karatsu is on the Sea of Japan — and it’s not easy to maneuver those floats on it.

One Response to “All you have to do is look (98)”

  1. Tony said

    Went there to see this past Saturday. A nice festival set in a lovely area of Japan.

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