Japan from the inside out

All you have to do is look (96)

Posted by ampontan on Saturday, November 3, 2012

South Korean junior high and high school students demonstrate in front of the Japanese embassy in September, demanding that history be properly taught to Japanese youth.

2 Responses to “All you have to do is look (96)”

  1. 21st Century Schizoid Man said

    Why is it tagged Hatoyama Y.?
    Because I made a mistake! Thanks for picking it up.


  2. toadold said

    Back during the Jimmy Carter administration, he wanted to withdraw all US military forces from South Korea. He was talked out of it my members of his own party. Now there is a group wanting to withdraw all US military forces from both South Korea and Japan and base the majority of US Pacific forces in the Philippines.
    This is regarded as a way to save money, placate isolationists, and increase the protection of the Philippines from Chinese communist aggression. The Philippines government has already been sounded out about this and they like the idea.
    It is thought in some circles that all Japan’s military needs is some stealthy long range airborne aircraft and that they don’t need to be manned. They have the tech to build them but it is wondered if Japan has the will.
    “Be careful for what you wish for, God may grant your wish.”

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