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Ichigen koji  (215)

Posted by ampontan on Wednesday, October 31, 2012

– A person who has something to say about everything

NHK warns that the rapid increase in “Twitter dependence” is dangerous. Much more dangerous than that is “NHK dependence”, which is the misconception that all the information presented by NHK is correct. It’s ironic that thanks to Twitter, “NHK dependence” has been drastically reduced.

– The Tweeter known as Tsugunosuke

2 Responses to “Ichigen koji  (215)”

  1. Avery M said

    I’d rather have people getting their news about nuclear power from the NHK than Twitter.

  2. toadold said

    While the internet and social media has a lot of misinformation in it, you will find more knowledgeable people there than you will find in the “regular” media, most of whom are in media because they flunked out of college algebra.

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