Japan from the inside out


Posted by ampontan on Thursday, October 4, 2012

IT’S possible to see some academics and think tankers still offering a certain kind of helpful advice to the Japanese about how to resolve the lingering animosities in Northeast Asia . That advice is now decades out of date, and its expression alone demonstrates that those who offer it aren’t paying attention.

This is the third time in a week I’ve presented excerpts from Prof. Furuta Hiroshi, but that’s because he had the foresight to write the following in 2005.

The great cacophony in East Asia, past, present, and future, is obvious to everyone. For many years, it has been believed that the primary cause of that cacophony is Japan’s history of colonial policies on the Korean Peninsula and the invasion and warfare in China. That Japan’s everlasting atonement to them will contribute to reconciliation and cooperation in the region has been induced as a conclusion, enveloped in a sense of ethics.

Now, however, we have at last begun to understand the immaturity of that logic. The present cacophony of East Asia is rather a result of their nationalist melody. The sheet music is inscribed with the first movement of Sinocentric Culturalism, which hasn’t been reorchestrated for centuries. The timber of the music has swelled from the initial faint strains and gradually become a great noise that has drowned out the voices of reconciliation, cooperation, and atonement. Under the baton of their moral propensities, they unendingly chant an anti-Japanese liturgy. This quashes the spirit of compliance with international law that we have created in recent years, as well as our verified historical research and even our rational thought. Their compatriots strike us in the face and impose on us their mistaken “correct history”.

The results of the peace so assiduously built up in the sixty years after the war have been branded as militarism by those with nuclear weapons who would pillage our islands. The “intellectuals of good conscience” who are not aware of that outrageousness are unworthy of being attributed with the quality of good conscience.

The time has now come in which we will have to fight through and survive the never-ending anti-Japan symphony.

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