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All you have to do is look (66)

Posted by ampontan on Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A photograph found on Reddit and sent in by reader Tony. The person who uploaded it is a collector of old photos and provided no information on the date or location.

4 Responses to “All you have to do is look (66)”

  1. Tony said

    I really like this photo, there is a subtle power to it.

  2. MDinMA said

    Could be a pic by Felice Beato ( He was one of the earliest photographers in Japan and was there during the Edo Period. MIT’s great “Visualizing Cultures” website also has an annotated gallery of some of his work (
    M: Thanks for this. I’m going to put in on the right sidebar.


  3. Partially tracked down this outstanding photo. Could only find a blurb at The Smithsonian, showing a title for the collection but little else. The photo apparently belongs to the “Henry and Nancy Rosin Collection of Early Photography of Japan, 1860 – ca. 1900”.!239439!0.

    A larger file size is at

    My computer desktop now has a new look. Thanks!


    A., though I hardly ever leave a comment, be sure to know that your work here is tremendously appreciated. Even suffer withdrawal-like symptoms when the between-posts time-gap gets long! You really should charge a few yen each month for all this. Cheers.
    N: Thanks for your detective work and your encouragement. Kampai!


  4. Those antiques warrior clothes suited the Japanese much more than the dumpy Western-style fatigues do today.

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