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Ichigen koji (186)

Posted by ampontan on Sunday, September 30, 2012

– A person who has something to say about everything

One Chinese objective is to force Japan to dispatch the Self-Defense Forces (to the Senkakus). We will not respond to that challenge. It is important to calmly deal with the situation through the Coast Guard. The Coast Guard must always dispatch more ships than the Chinese or the Taiwanese.

– Maehara Seiji, foreign minister in the Kan Cabinet

One Response to “Ichigen koji (186)”

  1. toadold said

    Well a firefighter has died so it is not basically a funny story, but politicians world wide will be facing extra personal expenses due to the fire and explosion at a Japanese factory that makes the basic material for disposable diapers. This story talks about the diapers for children but the diapers for adults will be affected also. Right now the conditions are getting especially ripe for various pooping inducing events for the governing “elites.”

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