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Ichigen koji (181)

Posted by ampontan on Monday, September 24, 2012

– A person who has something to say about everything

I would obviously single out Japan, which has been extremely supportive of IMF action from two perspectives: technical assistance, where Japan is a great contributor, probably the single largest contributor financing technical assistance elsewhere in the world. And financially―Tokyo has always been the first one to pick up the phone and say we are contributing, we will be there, whether it was the quota increase, whether it was the New Arrangements to Borrow, and whether it was the bilateral loans most lately when we decided to build an IMF firewall, Japan was the first.

– IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde

2 Responses to “Ichigen koji (181)”

  1. patfla said

    First, appreciate ichigen koji. Lived in Japan for 6 yrs. but that was a long time ago although I still like to pick up interesting Japanese phrases when I have the chance.

    However, I’m puzzled: are you saying that IMF Directory Christine Lagarde is someone who’s has something to say about everything?
    P: Thanks for the note. Andrew in Ezo answered the question before I did. You can find the whole range in the quotes category.



  2. Andrew in Ezo said

    I think this corner is a place to put Japan-related quotes (from a variety of persons, not just famous or powerful ones), that perhaps don’t warrant a full post. In this case, with all the anti-Japanese news in the mainstream media, perhaps this was added to provide something positive for a change (the western media is rarely caught praising anything about Japan, or if it does, always qualifies it).

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