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Ichigen koji (179)

Posted by ampontan on Saturday, September 22, 2012

– A person who has something to say about everything

The Ministry of Education doesn’t conduct these hair-splitting investigations of other schools for foreigners the way they do for Chongryon schools. It’s just sophistry for them to keep saying they’re still conducting an investigation. We’ve been liberated from Japanese colonial rule for more than 60 years, but they deny us our schools. We will not permit the repudiation of our children as Koreans.

– The head of the liaison group for the mothers’ associations of Chongryon schools in Japan. Chongryon is The General Association of Korean Residents in Japan, and it is affiliated with North Korea. They operate schools in Japan with pictures of the Kim family dynasty on the walls and a curriculum that glorifies the juche system.

They’re complaining because they don’t receive the same financial subsidies from the Japanese government that other schools do.

The mothers’ associations are called omoni-kai. Kai is the Japanese word for an association, while omoni is the Korean word for mother.

Speaking of omoni, in April this year the Chinese wax museum honoring great persons in history and the CCP donated a wax statute of Kim Jong-suk, the Great Mother (of Kim Jong-il), to North Korea’s International Friendship Exhibition House. The wax figure of the Great Mother is wearing a uniform of the anti-Japanese guerilla army and is placed next to azaleas with Mt. Paektu in the background.

In this video, the director of the Chinese museum, Zhang Molei, gave a speech in which he “bitterly grieved over the demise of leader Kim Jong Il, saying it was their wish to successfully represent the wax replica of Kim Jong Suk so they could please leader Kim Jong Il. Expressing the will to do more things to contribute to the building of thriving socialist nation in the DPRK, he expressed belief that the Korean people would overcome difficulties and win great victory under the leadership of the dear respected Kim Jong Un.”

The video is worth watching to see how services are conducted in the state religion. All you have to do is look.

3 Responses to “Ichigen koji (179)”

  1. yankdownunder said

    We will not permit the repudiation of our children as Koreans.

    No one asks them to do that.

    Theses people, both North and South hate Japan. Many would gladly help to destroy Japan. Some undoubtedly helped in kidnapping of Japanese. One of the teachers at one of these schools says she(they) stay to remind the Japanese of how bad they are.

    I know it will never happen but I wish Japan would say enough is enough and kick them all out. The West would wail but so what, they do anyway for any little thing.

  2. Dave said

    I am curious about the footwear/covers of the dignitary ~ 24 seconds into the video. This must be sacred ground, but do they still have shoes on?
    D: I don’t know. That’s usually a Japanese custom, and even then the Japanese would either wear street shoes or be given slippers at the door at a public facility. I remember having to take my shoes off at a Busan restaurant, but I don’t know the Korean custom for this sort of situation.


  3. trapped in brazil said

    Try that in the USA and see what happens…

    Meanwhile the Okinawan are treated as second-class citizens by the Government, and those who were born outside of Japan are treated badly, even those who are still pureblood.

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