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All you have to do is look (47)

Posted by ampontan on Thursday, September 13, 2012

Osaka City Mayor Hashimoto Toru and Osaka Prefecture Gov. Matsui Ichiro announce the formation of a national political party at a news conference.

The party has unveiled its new logo and English name:

The South Korean website Naver quoted Mr. Hashimoto as saying that both Takeshima and the Senkakus were in the map of Japan in the logo. I don’t see Takeshima in there, but Mr. Hashimoto has made an art form of jerking people’s chains.

One Response to “All you have to do is look (47)”

  1. toadold said

    Meanwhile back at the ranch, it appears that some S.Koreans are waking up to the fact that they have a retail debt crisis. Way too many spenders and not enough savers. Complaints about manufacturer’s adverting distorting the culture. One small voice saying trouble with Japan is a distraction from bad economic decisions.
    Over at the other Raunch er Ranch, the Obama administration is watching cascade of problems cause by its foreign, economic, and environmental problems “unexpectedly” coming it’s way like a radioactive tsunami.
    Japan, in my ill informed opinion,needs to get a move on before the possible chaos hits shore from China, Europe, and the US problems.
    T: Yeah, I brought that up earlier this year, noting that these problems were one reason for the poor poll numbers for Lee, which resulted in him going off the rails.

    I saw a Japanese article about how their electric power companies are bleeding red ink, but I’ve only saved it and haven’t read it yet.

    – A.

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