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Ichigen koji (128)

Posted by ampontan on Friday, August 3, 2012

The Suzuki Muneo fashion sense: Ainu jacket and the trademark lime green tie

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THOUGH not yet in the center ring of Japanese politics, the dominance of political center stage by Osaka Mayor Hashimoto Toru ensures a stream of speculation by the media about whom he will jump under the political covers with. The more pertinent question is whom he will allow to jump under the political covers with him.

Speculation first centered on Ozawa Ichiro, but Mr. Hashimoto is not that stupid. That hasn’t stopped the media from looking in all the wrong places. Former Prime Minster Hatoyama Yukio was asked if he would be interested in forming an alliance with Hashimoto Toru and One Osaka. He answered:

“It is very possible that we would create a cooperative alliance with a group that is capable of policies that put the people’s lives first.”

The Osaka mayor is unlikely to have anything to do politically with that losing dog, and in the event he does it will be on his terms, not those of Mr. Hatoyama.

An even more unlikely partner is former Diet member Suzuki Muneo, but that didn’t stop the media from asking him.

Here’s Mr. Suzuki’s answer:

“Their policies are close to neo-liberalism, and I wonder what would happen (under them) to the farmers and fishermen of Hokkaido…While observing their policies, we should cooperate with those we can cooperate with.”

The reason Suzuki Muneo is no longer an MP is that he was found guilty of accepting ¥6 million in bribes from a construction company in Hokkaido while serving as chief of the Hokkaido Development Agency, and ¥5 million from a timber firm when he was Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary. When last he had a Diet seat, he was allied with Mr. Hatoyama’s ruling DPJ. He was released from prison in December 2011.

Mr. Suzuki still has a vanity party, however, and it has five Diet representatives as members. That’s the number required to receive the public subsidies given to political parties. Not so long ago, he called for the abolition of those subsidies, but changed his mind and accepted them in April. Because of his conviction, he is no longer eligible to hold public office.

A more appropriate question is what an ex-con convicted of bribery while serving the public thinks he can accomplish as the head of his own political party. Hashimoto Toru knows that he will be fatally contaminated if he gets anywhere near that toxic waste of a politician.

One Response to “Ichigen koji (128)”

  1. muda-kun said

    Amazing, a vanity party with 5 members, run by a disgraced pol… Perhaps a name by name examination of every representative in the diet would be a project, but perhaps best publish outside of Japan — Yikes!

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