Japan from the inside out

Ichigen koji (126)

Posted by ampontan on Wednesday, August 1, 2012

– A person who has something to say about everything

I have long thought that Japan should amend its Constitution on its own, and if the decision is taken as the result of debate, should have military forces or even nuclear weapons. The dangers are not military forces or weapons. The knives in your kitchen could easily be used to kill people. Is that dangerous?

More than 60 years have passed, but Japan’s mass media does not initiate a debate on their own country’s Constitution. How proud they are of the freedom of speech! (Their failure to do so) is because they lack both the courage and the strength to touch on the different essentialist theories that will emerge in a Constitutional debate.

Some in the mass media and opinion leaders say that being unarmed will not cause uneasiness in Asia. That itself is the result of their misconceptions and overestimation of themselves. Military forces and weapons do not start wars on their own. Military forces start wars in countries unable to properly conduct diplomacy and politics.

– Song Wengzhou

Mr. Song came to study in Japan from China in the early 90s and stayed to establish and operate his own business.

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