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After School Midnighters

Posted by ampontan on Sunday, July 29, 2012

CARTOONS sure ain’t what they used to be: The anime feature After School Midnighters, directed by video creator and Fukuoka City native and resident Takekiyo Hitoshi, will premiere in about 100 theaters next month in Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Singapore.

The anime is a comedic film about a human anatomical model and some mischievous students at a night school. It was produced with computer graphics, and it employs motion capture technology, in which the recorded movements of people are used to create digital character models in computer animation. The movie’s creators filmed a drama troupe in Fukuoka for the motion capture. Fukuoka City resident Komori Yoichi, the man behind the popular Umizaru manga series, worked on the script.

Screening begins in Japan on 25 August. Here is an interview with the director, who says the film is a feature-length treatment of a six-minute short that was picked up by Canal+ in France in 2007. Mr. Takekiyo also explains how it’s no longer necessary to live in Tokyo or other big cities to do important work.

And here is the official site in Japanese with the theaters showing the film and official trailers. Residents of South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Singapore will have to check local listings!

One Response to “After School Midnighters”

  1. toadold said

    Well from the use of English print for some of the bill boards it looks like they are going to do a release for the English speaking market. I kind of like the art style myself. It kind of reminds me of Tex Avery’s work.

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