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Ichigen koji (110)

Posted by ampontan on Tuesday, June 12, 2012


– A person who has something to say about everything

The group opposed to nuclear energy is always sensitive to the tyrannical use of state authority. I cannot forget, however, their applause and cheers at the authoritarian behavior of Mr. Kan when he made the “request” to suspend operations at the Hamaoka nuclear power plant, as if it were some emergency prerogative.

Mr. Kan’s shutdown of Hamaoka ignored both the legal basis (for his request) and the process. The government guidance presented as a “request” was in fact coercion.

But the people who were relentless in their criticism of (former Prime Minister) Koizumi and (Osaka Mayor) Hashimoto, always shouting, “Down with dictatorship”, were the first to applaud and cheer Mr. Kan’s decision.

For example, though they were strongly opposed to additional discussion on the provisions for a state of emergency declaration after the Tohoku earthquake, both the Social Democrats and the Communist Party welcomed, rather than admonished, Mr. Kan for what was his equivalent to the provisions for a state of emergency.

I suspect their anti-authoritarian stance is a sham. They’d support any type of coercion for a policy in line with their beliefs. I do not think they believe, in their heart of hearts, that dictatorship is bad.

For them, it is simply a matter that both good and bad dictatorships exist, so they approve of those that suit them as good dictatorships. That was exposed by their applause and cheers for the “request” to suspend operations at the Hamaoka nuclear plant.

In short, they did not apply the opposition to dictatorship that they apply to people with different opinions. They justify their dictatorship as good dictatorship.

We must be careful of the people who go to extremes to camouflage their own ego in this way.

– The blogger known as Ryoko 174. She says she uses a pen name because of her business interests.

One Response to “Ichigen koji (110)”

  1. Avery said

    One would expect Japanese Communist Party to support importing Tohoku rubble on the basis that even if there were a massive conspiracy and radioactive rubble, it’s only fair for everyone in Japan to get the same “dose” and support the reconstruction of Tohoku. Instead they are opposed to this Communist principle. They do not seem to have any clear standard of when they prefer government coercion or not, except to be in opposition to established authority at all times.

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