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Ichigen koji (74)

Posted by ampontan on Saturday, November 19, 2011

– A person who has something to say about everything

Koizumi Shinjiro, the director of the LDP’s Youth Division (and the son of the former prime minister), strongly criticized LDP President Tanigaki Sadakazu for such statements as “It is not good for Japan to excessively cooperate with the United States while omitting China and Asia.” He stressed that the Japan-U.S. relationship should be the axis for both the Japanese economy and diplomacy. This is a good point. The TPP is of no great significance economically, but it is of great diplomatic significance as a Japanese-American economic alliance promoting economic integration with Asia on a Japanese-American axis.

– Ikeda Nobuo (The emphasis was in the original)

The LDP removed the younger Koizumi from his post as chairman of the lower house Rules and Administration Committee because he did not support a motion against the TPP.

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One Response to “Ichigen koji (74)”

  1. toadold said

    The TPP is fast approaching irrelevance.
    The Chinese real estate bubble has started to deflate and it is highly unlikely that the Chinese central government is going to be able to do a soft landing. Italian government bonds are being unloaded at a rather rapid rate and more and more it looks like the EU and the Euro is crashing. In the US we are looking at another downgrade and the current leaked internal polls are starting to show signs of massive loss in the 2012 elections for the Democrats. While Japan’s debts are largely internal they are still debts and taxes and overspending will have to be cut in the near future. Most likely a bi-lateral trade agreement will be pushed by the US in 2013.

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