Japan from the inside out


Posted by ampontan on Friday, September 30, 2011

THE website files a post that says, in full:

With the recent spotlight on the debt crisis in Greece and other European nations, we take a look at the countries that are most in debt, calculated by the World Bank’s data on gross external debt as a percentage of the GDP. The top ranking nations may surprise you.

They then provide a list the top 20 nations with thumbnail photos below the post. It is surprising, but not astonishing if one notes carefully the condition of “gross external debt as a percentage of the GDP”.

Japan is not among the top 20. In fact, the only Asian entity to appear is Hong Kong at 12. The list is here.

7 Responses to “Surprise”

  1. Marellus said


    Do you think Japan might have more than 765 tonnes of gold ?
    I can’t remember ever seeing anything abot Japan’s gold reserves.

    – A

  2. hoihoi said

    Japan govenment has a big debt. that is, Japanese citizen and banks are rich because they are creditor。that is why Japanese ¥is strong even in fukushima crisis.. market is tell you real things..
    in case of US japan and china etc are credior. it can not wait to pay interest..
    incase of japan, the Japanese is creditor. that is , each apanese have creditor 。it is not debt
    mass medias and economist are telling a lie…
    there is a stiill big room that Japan can use more than 900兆円。because japanese likes saving

  3. hoihoi said

    this is interesting..


    Any comments?

  5. Marellus said

    @Hoi Hoi

    Are you saying that since most of the debt of the Japanese Government is held by the people of Japan, it is OK for the Government of Japan to pay back its debt to its people in any way that they like ?

  6. hoihoi said

    if interest rate rises japanese, people getting more rich.

    if many people buy Japanese yen, it is something like it is bought Japanese bond. that is .Japanese money can be printed.
    anyway Japan still has a big room to use. it has a nothing to do with how big japanese debut is..
    if Japanese debt is getting and getting big, overseas assets of Japan also increase more than it.

    Japanese people do not have debt and have assets of millions of yen since baby was born.
    Originally, even if Japanese people’s debt increases, they are not troubled.
    It is the government that is troubled.
    if your son is so rich and you are so poor, how woulld it be?
    If this is others, how is it?
    Japanese gorvernment not need to pay back..
    I expect interest rate goes up

    Japan does not have a army. to buy japanese bond ownself is to avoid Sudden fall and defalt by war…

  7. Marellus said


    Thank you for your reply.

    Do you think the J-Govt will just print the money to pay back its debt to the Japanese People ?

    You say the J-Govt need not pay back its debt. That is very patriotic. Are all Japanese people of the same mind ?

    Do you think the J-Govt should buy lots of gold like the Chinese and Koreans are doing ?

    Thanks if you can reply, and have a good day.

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