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Kiyohiko Senba and the Haniwa All-Stars Live

Posted by ampontan on Friday, September 16, 2011

WATCH the video to the end and your brain will spontaneously create new synapses to transport all the delightfully perky electrons that it sends your way. The name of the “song” is Tai-ikusai, or Sports Festival. It sounds and looks like something Frank Zappa might have composed had he been Asian and had a sunnier disposition.

Haniwa, by the way, were clay and terra cotta sculptures buried in the tombs of the elites in the pre-Buddhist era.

2 Responses to “Kiyohiko Senba and the Haniwa All-Stars Live”

  1. toadold said

    WHOW! Fusion on so many different levels.

  2. username required said

    I don’t know if they ever got a credit on this fine blog but a big heads up for the Shibusashirazu Orchestra too. I once saw them play in the middle of a rice field surrounded by hills of giant bamboo where … along with the butoh dancers, go-go girls, leaping naked flames, dancing naked audience, a guy on a surfboard sailing over the crowd and a big yellow hairy monster … someone had dragged a grand piano to add some dignity to the event and all the neighbouring famers were rolling onigiri like crazy to fuel the audience.

    And not a pig or a security guy in sight.

    Once in a life stuff …

    They get funkier and jazzier too.
    Thanks for the note.

    I think I put this up a year or so ago. Hitting the search engine on the left sidebar should turn it up.

    – A

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