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Ichigen koji  (54)

Posted by ampontan on Sunday, September 4, 2011

– A person who has something to say about everything

The new Noda Cabinet has taken office. On the Tokyo Stock Exchange, the decline in the Nikkei accelerated on the news of the Cabinet composition and closed at 8950, down 110 from the previous day. One can only say that, rather than celebrating, the market rendered a harsh judgment.

…(The Chinese) are said have a dish called niqiuzhandoufu, which combines dojo (the fish to which Mr. Noda compared himself) and tofu. Live dojo are placed in the pot, and the water is brought to a boil. The tofu is then added. The dojo cannot withstand the heat, so they flee into the cold tofu. They are then boiled together with the tofu.

If they are subjected to the fierce, concentrated fire of the mass media and the opposition parties, none of the dojo ministers will be able to endure it. They will likely flee into the cold tofu of the bureaucracy.

The governmental concept of the Democratic Party of Japan two years ago was the bolting together of “disassociation from the bureaucracy”, “political leadership”, and “no tax increases for four years”. It seems this bolt has already been loosened. Thus, there is no means to prevent the DPJ Cabinet from assimilating with the cold tofu — the Kasumigaseki bureaucracy.

When former Prime Minister Ohira Masashige proposed the introduction of a general consumption tax, he boldly dissolved the Diet and took the question to the people. If Prime Minister Noda is truly convinced of the necessity for a tax increase, he should immerse himself in the people, not in the cold tofu. Without that resolve, Prime Minister Noda should be fully aware that he will be unable to create a consensus for a tax increase.

– Nakagawa Hidenao, lower house member from the LDP, and former party secretary-general

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2 Responses to “Ichigen koji  (54)”

  1. Marellus said


    I’m gonna number these queries :

    1) From what you’ve seen, can you say whether the Japanese are still confident in buying in Japanese Government Bonds (JGB’s) ?

    2) Has there been an increase in advertising for JGB’s ?

    3) I don’t know whether Japan has an alternative media, but what is their take on current political/economic events ?

    4) Is this alternative media getting any attention in the mainstream media whether good or bad ?

    Thanks if you can answer.
    I don’t follow 1 and 2 proactively. 3, Yes they have an alternative media, and, in a matter of speaking, had one form of it before the Internet. They are not thrilled, generally speaking, and I don’t read 2-channel, which is the Japanese equivalent of Daily Kos/Democratic Underground/Free Republic. They are probably even less thrilled. 4. No, because to recognize it would threaten their monopoly.

    – A.

  2. toadold said

    Well world wide in the various democracies the governing elite that follows the central economic control model seems to have kicked the can down the road as far as they can. For example, Merkel in Germany is losing votes in local elections, In the US there an app for the Ipad that counts down the days that Obama has to remain in office, and there is a steady trickle of rats leaving the ship. It looks like the establishment in Japan is basically trying to hold on and hope for a miracle before a general election comes along and they get hosed. The polling data doesn’t look good for them.

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