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Getting off on the good foot

Posted by ampontan on Monday, August 29, 2011

FINANCE Minister Noda Yoshihiko won the election held on the 29th for the presidency of the Democratic Party of Japan on the second ballot. That means he will shortly become the next prime minister.

The five candidates running in the election delivered 10-minute campaign speeches to their fellow DPJ Diet members before the voting. During his speech, Mr. Noda said:

If I become prime minister, the Cabinet support ratings will not rise right away. Therefore, I will not dissolve the Diet (and hold an election).

During a news conference held after the party voted, he was asked specifically about the possibility of dissolving the lower house. He answered:

Basically, (the term of the lower house) is for four years…but any number of things could happen before that, so a dissolution is possible.

Off to a good start, isn’t he?

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One Response to “Getting off on the good foot”

  1. toadold said

    Will I hope he can be gotten rid of or neutralized before he can raise the tax rate.
    T: Might be easier said than done. The Keidanren (Big Business) chairman likes him. LDP executives signed off on a tax increase in July, for reconstruction. Unlike his two predecessors, he seems to be an adult, though he’s about to find himself in a high-intensity pressure cooker that people don’t understand until they experience. He’ll still have to deal with his party, which is not a party as people normally understand it. It’s possible they keep their mouths shut for the good of the order, because some of them realize just how much trouble they’re in.

    – A.

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