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Ichigen koji (50)

Posted by ampontan on Saturday, August 27, 2011

– A person who has something to say about everything

(Maehara Seiji) has been presenting himself as a conservative, but is that really true? He opposed the bill establishing the national flag and the anthem and supports giving foreigners the right to vote.

He also says he’s made the recovery of the (four Russian-held islands in the) Kuriles his life’s work, but why hasn’t he shown the same passion for Takeshima? His stance toward China and Russia is strong, but is weak toward South Korea and North Korea.

Mr. Maehara is manju starting to spoil, wrapped in an attractive package. The people must not be fooled by the superficial.

– Eguchi Katsuhiko, upper house member of Your Party

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One Response to “Ichigen koji (50)”

  1. camphortree said

    Maehara’s wife is a member of a zainichi Korean led cult, Soukagakkai. She is a Souka Women’s Community College (創価短大) graduate. Her husband Maehara is also very likely a Soukagakkai believer. However, he chose Democrat over Clean Party (Soukagakkai’s dog party) probably because he could colletct votes from both Soukagakkai, naturalized Koreans and people who have no idea about who Maehara really is. Japan’s liberal media steadfastly refuse to imform people about which politicians are naturalized Koreans and who are still acting loyal to their old country.
    It is like some if not many zainichi Koreans families. Wives belong to Chousen Souren while husbands belong to Mindan so that one family can do business with three sides, two Koreas and Japan.
    I knew that she graduated from that school, but not that she was a member. The article I read that in suggested Maehara would be able to get along with New Komeito for that reason; perhaps that was one of those Japanese newspaper hints.

    He has also been to North Korea twice, once when he was a Kyoto assembly member, before he was in the Diet. The other time, he “accidentally” met the Yodo hijackers in his hotel. When someone in the Diet asked him about this, he rolled his eyes, said it was a “nostalgic” topic, and made some silly excuse.

    – A.

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