Japan from the inside out

Ichigen Koji (21)

Posted by ampontan on Wednesday, June 15, 2011

– A person who has something to say about everything

“Unlike in North Africa, where political upheaval has been underway in ongoing succession, it is often said that in Japan the influence of the Internet is still far short of that of the mass media.”

– Prime Minister Kan Naoto, who doesn’t seem to have been reading what people are writing about him on blogs and Twitter. The English here is as it appeared in “Prime Minister Kan’s Blog E-mail Service” on 14 June.

“A person whose behavior is starting to resemble that of a dictator of some developing country…people who are suffering hardships that resemble the lives of people in some developing country…This situation must be reversed.”

– An aide to LDP MP Nakagawa Hidenao

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