Japan from the inside out

Ichigen Koji (8)

Posted by ampontan on Sunday, May 29, 2011

– A person who has something to say about everything

“There were several bureaucrats who were serious about promoting the separation of electric power companies into generating companies and transmission companies. There were also younger bureaucrats opposed to the nuclear fuel cycle policy. But their efforts were repelled every time by a thick wall, and most of them left the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry. I also urged the separation of generation and transmission at the OECD in Paris more than 10 years ago, and came very close to being recalled to Japan and fired. What could the reason have been?”

“If reform falters, and measures and industrial policies to promote economic growth are delayed, the insufficiency of tax revenues could cause a shortage of funds for the operation of the government. Yes, even a government shutdown is not out of the question. But inflaming that sense of crisis and instituting a large tax increase will consign the Japanese economy to the abyss. The time limit to prevent that is the upper house election of 2013 and eliminating the gridlock in the Diet. That is my appraisal.”

– Koga Shigeaki, an official in the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry, in his recently published book 日本中枢の崩壊 (roughly, The Collapse of the Central Administration of Japan). Mr. Koga was the bureaucrat threatened by then-Chief Cabinet Secretary Sengoku Yoshito last year when he testified on behalf of civil service reform.

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