Japan from the inside out


Posted by ampontan on Wednesday, December 8, 2010

THAT’S funny–no one calls Franklin Delano Roosevelt a neocon!

Writes Robert Higgs:

Historians have always known, however, that the true story was nothing like this patriotic fable dispensed each year on December 7 for popular consumption.

Note that interest in examining this aspect of history does not make one a Japan apologist. There are more colors than black and white, and there are more percentages than 0 and 100.

5 Responses to “Fabulists”

  1. ?
    I hinted at this in earlier posts.
    Japan was ripe to be attacked.
    They were squeezed for oil, on which their navy and air force depended.
    So they were sucker punched into attacking the obsolete BBs when the CVs were moved to safety.
    The isolationists were rolled and business made trillions ever since.
    Maybe you want a useful idiot to say that?

  2. Hitler was an agent for the US, the UK and possibly others. Eary in his political career he was a state agent.
    So WWII was no surprise. Who won? Russia and the USA! The attempt to detroy Germany UK and Sov Russia was pretty successful for USA?

  3. toadold said

    It is a pity that Japanese history is so little studied even by the Japanese it seems at times. The tragedy of Pearl Harbor was preceded by events in the the 1930’s (The May assasinations in particular) when democracy in Japan gave its last gasp and died at the hands of the Nationalists movement.
    An argument could be made that the seeds of Pearl Harbor were planted during the tumlut of the Meji restoration.
    The conspiracy theories of WWII do a diservice to both the US and the Japanese in my opinion.
    In Asia the period of plentiful food is a very recent thing historically speaking. War, famine, disese, and pestilence were/are present even unto this century. The starvation thing in particular colors the cultures.

  4. Ecoutez said

    What “seeds” of Pearl Harbor were planted in the Meiji Restoration? Seriously, I’m curious.

    I rather think the seeds of Pearl Harbor were planted when the United States put giant military base in Hawaii.

  5. Tony said

    By the same logic one could say an argument could be made that the seeds of Pearl Harbor were planted during the arrival of the Mayflower.

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