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China’s view of North Korea

Posted by ampontan on Tuesday, November 30, 2010

HOW’S THAT for bad timing–within days after writing about my suspicions that the Chinese are guilty of enabling behavior with North Korea, if not more (those North Korean missiles passed through Beijing on the way to Teheran, after all), the Wikileaked documents reveal that even the Chinese might be fed up with Pyeongyang. A website called THE LID has a useful summary, which includes several mindbenders. Here’s one:

South Korea’s vice-foreign minister said he was told by two named senior Chinese officials that they believed Korea should be reunified under Seoul’s control, and that this view was gaining ground with the leadership in Beijing.

There are also suggestions that the Chinese leadership has changed its thinking because of domestic opinion.

The post doesn’t bring up the possibility that Beijing’s geopolitical strategists believe the prospect of Finlandization Northeast Asian-style might not be unwelcome among some elements in South Korea, however.

Meanwhile, just because Wikileaks and Wikipedia have similar names doesn’t mean there’s a connection. Far from it, as this tweet shows:

@wikileaks Speaking as Wikipedia’s co-founder, I consider you enemies of the U.S.–not just the government, but the people.

Finally, the New York Times demonstrates yet again why so many people find them–and the rest of the smokestack media–so loathsome. They refused to publish the e-mails from the University of East Anglia exposing the climate change scam because they said the data were obtained illegally. That didn’t stop them from publishing the Wilileaks documents, which were obtained just as illegally.

More details here. As the poster notes, it’s not a question of ideology–serious people will disagree. It is rather a question of rank dishonesty in the service of ideology while masquerading as a White Knight in service of all that is True and Good.

And with the Climategate e-mails in particular, it was also a case of the Times covering up the collusive behavior of one their reporters.

2 Responses to “China’s view of North Korea”

  1. Robert said

    Those who continue to deny the reality of climate change are simply protecting their selfish interests, and should be tried for crimes against humanity.

    Wake up and smell the smog.
    R: Thanks for the note.

    Are you sure you mean “crimes against humanity” and not “thoughtcrime”?

    “Thoughtcrime does not entail death: thoughtcrime is death.”
    – Winston Smith, 1984

    Or do you prefer the later term, “crimethink”?


    – A.

  2. Gray said

    “Those who continue to deny the reality of climate change are simply protecting their selfish interests”

    Obviously I must be making money off that somewhere, maybe I have a bank account in the Cayman islands I’m unaware of….or I’m dumb…or evil. Such comments would be almost funny if they didn’t sound so fanatical and lacking in awareness of/ability to debate both sides of the issue.

    As far as Wikileaks go, their request that CNN abide by a confidentiality agreement seems more than a little hypocritical while the actual content of the leaks does not seem to serve any over-riding agenda bar thumbing their nose at the US government and hyping Assange’s cult of personality. Although many of their recent releases made them seem opponents of the excesses of US militarism, the latest cache if anything reinforce the US in taking stronger measures against both Iran and North Korea.

    Increasingly, it seems as though Wikileaks is nothing more than the TMZ of the political world, willing to release anything that will garner attention with no underlying journalistic, ethical or, even, ideological principles to guide and control the impact their actions might have.

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