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Iconic photos of Hiroshima

Posted by ampontan on Friday, August 6, 2010

THE ICONIC PHOTOS website presents several iconic photos taken in Hiroshima on 6 August 1945 in this post, along with stories pertinent to them. There are several more photos at the hot link on the words “draconian measures”, which were taken a month later. I think they’re all worth your time.

2 Responses to “Iconic photos of Hiroshima”

  1. Roual Deetlefs said

    … haunting …

  2. mac said

    One of the reasons for the lack of photographic imagery, post-Hiroshima, is the human decency of photographers that were sent into to document it.

    The worst was by no means ever shown. The article is probably correct. If Japan HAD seen what had happened, elements of it probably WOULD have fought to last one standing.

    I certainly would have against people that would carry such a crime out.

    I cannot remember the individual’s name but their account went somewhere along the lines of, “I took a few photographs and then realised that what I was seeing was so terrible in terms of human suffering that I could not take any more.”

    ordinary people with melted skin hanging off in sheets hair frizzed by heat
    part-living humans part-exposed skeletons walking the street unable to find treatment
    maddened women, traumatised with naked bodies exposed, carrying about the fly and worm ridden corpses of their babies unable to leave or bury them
    10,000s of corpses of charred, drowned and bloated children

    An unimaginable horror show unseen before or since because the vast majority of the victims were innocent civilians.

    On Japanese TV, an hawkish American vet was shown saying with a hard bitten grimace, “If one American life was saved then it was worth it”. The usual crap about “saving 1,000,000 lives” was again and again wheeled out.

    Sadly, the Japanese people seem to be buying, or at least being sold by their media, the naive idea that the US government, personified by Obama, really wants or intends on a nuclear war free future.

    Never has any nation fought so much of its history over the bodies of dead women and children … as the US of A.

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