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Actions speak louder than words

Posted by ampontan on Wednesday, July 28, 2010

KONO TARO, the Acting Secretary-General of the Liberal Democratic Party, is one of the leaders of the party’s reform wing. One of the few initiatives by the ruling Democratic Party that has found favor with the public is their televised “policy reviews”. These reviews have made a star of Ren Ho, but Mr. Kono was the first to conduct them, during the Aso administration. His panel was largely ignored by the media, and some of his recommendations were ignored by his party.

The latest post on his blog has some interesting observations on media manipulation. Here it is in English:

I’ve had some inquiries from the media asking whether I would participate in the DPJ’s policy reviews. (N.B.: Some members of the DPJ have suggested that he could join the panel.)

There’s been absolutely no contact from the government, so I can’t answer one way or the other, can I? Before the government tries to give the mass media the idea that cooperation with opposition parties is possible, they should contact people directly–if that’s what they really think. Because they haven’t made such contact, it’s clear they have no intention of doing so. It’s just a performance.

The inquiries have changed over the past few days. Now the mass media is asking whether there has been any contact from MP Tsujimoto (Kiyomi, who just left the Social Democratic Party of Japan). Apparently she said that she wants to create a network that transcends party lines. They asked if I would be a part of it.

I haven’t heard a word from her.

Actions still speak louder than words.

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One Response to “Actions speak louder than words”

  1. Indeedy said

    Indeed they do. And Kono’s actions smack of sour grapes. I don’t believe a single word he writes on his blog.

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