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Grand designs

Posted by ampontan on Thursday, April 8, 2010

DURING THE TAPING of a television interview on the 8th, Koga Nobuaki, the chairman of Rengo (the Japanese Trade Union Federation), said about the Hatoyama government:

There is a lot of debate about individual policies, but there is no grand design about how society should be in the future. It’s very good that they stress the importance of “yuai” (fraternalism) and “life”, but it’s important for them to start dealing in specifics.

Some people will never learn, will they? The impossibility of concocting “grand designs” for society, not to mention the undesirability of such an enterprise, should be self-evident without a moment’s thought. That Mr. Koga could even think it, much less suggest it, shows that he ignores the miserable failure of every effort to do so in recorded history. It also contains more than a whiff of arrogant elitism. Does the man understand nothing of the human condition?

There’s a reason the Berlin Wall was built, and another one why it no longer exists. Mr. Koga, alas, is oblivious to both of them.

And when one of their allies on the left has to tell the government to knock off the airy-fairy talk and get down to business, what more demonstration need there be that the Hatoyama administration has all the heft of a puff of smoke?

One Response to “Grand designs”

  1. Sounds a lot like the labour government we have here in Australia. An awful lot of spin and smoke but not a lot of real substance or follow through with their election promises.

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