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State-sponsored terrorism

Posted by ampontan on Sunday, February 21, 2010

Nemo understood that it did not matter what humans thought, because humanity was the problem….I understand that philosophy, and I have lived it every day of my adult life.
– Paul Watson of Sea Shepherd, on the Jules Verne character Captain Nemo

THE WORLD seems to be at a loss as to how to deal effectively with the eco-buccaneers Sea Shepherd—at least that part of the world which finds their behavior repugnant. Some hold they are guilty of piracy. Since the Sea Shepherd vessels do indeed fly the Jolly Roger, it would seem the group is wearing that shoe because it fits. Others consider them terrorists.

Former lower house member and Yokohama Mayor Nakata Hiroshi thinks Japan should deal with Sea Shepherd by going after their enablers. Mr. Nakata this week called for Japan to declare the United States, The Netherlands, and Australia to be states that support terrorism. Put ‘em on a Foreign Ministry watch list!

The Japanese government should issue such a declaration.

He selected those three because the Sea Shepherd organization is legally headquartered in the U.S., its ships are registered with The Netherlands, and Australia allows itself to be used as its base of operations in the South Pacific. (All Australian measures against Sea Shepherd have been little more than slaps on the wrist.)

He says Japanese whaling is conducted in accord with international law, and that Japan has a whale-eating culture. He thinks a hard-line attitude might be effective because:

Countries around the world that prudently use marine resources in the same way as Japan, such as Norway and Iceland, have hailed the Japanese attitude of refusing to submit to Sea Shepherd.

He added:

Japanese whaling is not a violation of international law, and the group’s activities threaten the lives of Japanese citizens. Of course the surveys should continue. We must not make unsuitable compromises, and we must strongly demand they (the three countries) exercise control.

The Japanese government is unlikely to take this step, but the beauty of the idea is that it would put the onus on the moralizers for a change. It would compel those three countries to explain why they shouldn’t be singled out for sponsoring terrorism, and why they permit the humanity-hating Watson and his crew to behave as terrorists.

Their answers would be entertaining, if nothing else.

5 Responses to “State-sponsored terrorism”

  1. slim said

    Assorted thoughts:
    -There are plenty of people in the West who view extreme animal rights activism as ecoterrorism. -I’m surprised that Ampontan uncritically buys into the “scientific survey” tatemae from the Japanese whaling INDUSTRY.
    -If I were adamantly against whaling, I’d take a different public relations approach that linked whaling to more central, more important Japanese economic interests and then let Tokyo make its calculations.
    Why would you think that I “uncritically buy into” the scientific survey tatemae? In fact, a couple of whale posts ago, I praised FM Okada for not using that argument with the Australians.

    Nakata uses the argument. I presented it along with his main point of accusing the US of sponsoring terrorism, because failure to present the facts does everyone an injustice, starting with me. Including it makes for a richer tapestry.

    When I was young, I wanted to write fiction, but I soon discovered that fact was better than anything I could make up. Presenting all the facts as I know them, and that can reasonably fit into one piece, makes better stories.

    Of course I have opinions, but I do everything I can to ensure that people know when one of them appears.

    – A.

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  3. Ooooh! You are such a naughty boy! Tweaking moralizers!

    Love it! Contrarian!!!

    There are two sides to every story. Let us ignore for the moment that the Japanese stole Tuna quota and lied about it. Also that fewer eat whale all the time, partly as a result of the campaigns.

    Why do some countries, clothing themselves in morality such as defending the world from terrorism or whale eating or whatever, consider that they have the right to interfere with others, without pursuing a legal case first? They will set up proxies, false flag operations, false propaganda to justify any act that they then carry out? The answer is that they can. They bully others, delaying all legal judgement.

    The analogies are obvious. But if it is justified in antiwhaling, where do we draw the line? Maybe if depleted uranium were being distributed over the whaling ships?

  4. TheTaste said

    I must say I think understand how Churchill felt when Germany invaded Russia. Everytime I see their clashes at sea I hope I live in a world where both sides can lose. I have no problem with eating whale, but the Japanese justify it to the world as “science” and to themselves as culture. That is out and out doublethink. If it is Japanese culture then why hide behind a lie? Same goes for the dolphin issue in Wakayama. If you like dophin go for it, why would one feel the need to hide it? I’m not ascribing anything to Mr. A. I refer to the Governments statements.
    On the other hand the Sea Shepard people…well I don’t need to clog up the InterTubes talking about them.

  5. no happy ending said

    Abolitionist anti-slavery campaigners broke the law too.

    I guess you will argue next that the state was wrong to give into their demands … Look where it has got us today! The bleeding hearted liberals are now demanding rights for animals.

    Where will it all end?
    When whales start dressing in suits and ties, form an NGO, and start petitioning for redress of their grievances at UN headquarters.

    – A.

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