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The devil’s in the details

Posted by ampontan on Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A COMMON LYRICAL HOMILY in Black American gospel music is the observation that everyone wants to go to heaven, but no one wants to die.

With a slight modification, that would be equally applicable to the Hatoyama administration’s pledge of a 25% reduction in CO2 emissions from 1990 levels by 2020.

Hypersensitive as always to what passes for the conventional wisdom of their brethren in Western countries, the Japanese mass media were thrilled when the self-anointed elites overseas pronounced themselves delighted with Japan’s new policy. After the disappointing 8% reduction pledge from the troglodytes in the Aso administration, this was much more like it. Japan was getting good press, and that’s all the local boys and girls needed to know.

But the Japanese mass media is just as loath as their fellow guild members in the Anglosphere to do any real investigative work and dig into just what those promises would entail. The new promises sounded good, the Amen Corner in the Church of Latter-Day Environmentalist Saints shouted Hallelujah, and the UN–that exemplar of good government–kept pumping out hot air about climate change, so they were down with it.

Besides, it allowed them to return to covering the stories they much prefer, such as the pre-election career of new lower house proportional representation MP and DPJ member Tanaka Mieko. It seems Ms. Tanaka caught some vicarious kicks by dressing up in strange costumes and interviewing women in the sex industry for sleazy magazines. She also appeared topless in the film Blind Beast vs. Killer Dwarf, which gave her the opportunity to display her thespian skills by pretending to enjoy a chest massage from the Blind Beast himself. But I digress.

For starters, the pledge wouldn’t mean a 25% reduction in CO2 emissions from present levels. It would be a reduction from 1990 levels–which means Mr. Hatoyama’s promise involves cutting emissions by 33% in 11 years.

Some Japanese scientists have done the research, and Roger Pielke Jr., a professor of Environmental Studies at the University of Colorado at Boulder, posts some of their findings on his blog.

Before reading what would have to happen, I suggest fortifying yourself with a warming drink first. This will be enough to make your blood run cold. Keep in mind Prof. Pielke’s link is to someone who thinks this is all a wonderful idea.

One wonders whether Taro and Hanako would consider it a wonderful idea if the Government actually kept its promise to solve a “global warming” problem that–thanks to Climategate–we now know doesn’t exist. They’d be put on a forced march through Hell to get to the Promised Land, only to discover that their Green Heaven is just as mythical as the pot of gold at the end of the Rainbow Warrior.

But by then it would be too late. And all the accomplices in governments and their bought researchers would be congratulating themselves for a Mission Accomplished in fantasyland.

Fortunately, governments often don’t keep environmental promises, the Hatoyama administration has backed off its proposed Green Tax for now, and the whole scam of using environmentalism as a stalking horse for global governance might be completely discredited by the time a Japanese government got off its duff. Even the mainstream media has now begun hooting at Al Gore.

Follow the link and then consider how life in Japan would have to change to meet the government’s stated goal. Read also the first commenter’s claims that using photovoltaic arrays in Japan would actually result in greater CO2 generation than less.

Note: The important information is easily available at that site, but the link to more information at the bottom requires a paid subscription. Don’t let that stop you from clicking the link to the post here, however.

One Response to “The devil’s in the details”

  1. A Science Guy said

    One wonders whether Taro and Hanako would consider it a wonderful idea if the Government actually kept its promise to solve a “global warming” problem that–thanks to Climategate–we now know doesn’t exist.

    Absolute nonsense.

    What has ‘climategate’ actually shown us? That there is a vocal but fringe group who will consistently ignore the mainstream scientific view in spite of overwhelming evidence yet jump on anything opposing this, however small.

    Out of thousands, a handful of emails have been highlighted as showing the ‘climate change scam’. From a mass of [what was thought to be] private correspondance, which you’d think ought to be full of discussion on what data can be forged and how, and how to get it past peer-reviews, few enough suspect emails were obtained to be counted on one’s fingers, and even these are merely scientific malpractice in repressing other works.

    Don’t let me mis-understood, scientists should be above suspicion, and the published emails are shocking, but do not undermime the honest work of environmental scientists over several decades now.

    It is dissapointing that one as insightful as yourself, who admirably gets to the bottom of any western story published on Japan, has not given the same dedication to this issue, which only the least balanced of commentators continue to claim can be ‘dismissed’.

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