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Pot dog

Posted by ampontan on Saturday, October 31, 2009

HE MAY HAVE BEEN just a working stiff of a canine, but his bosses knew that Lusukasu never dogged it on the job. So, to commemorate his devotion to duty, officials at Nagasaki Customs held a retirement ceremony for the drug detector earlier this month. Instead of a gold watch, which the pooch has no use for, they gave Lusukasu a certificate of appreciation. He’s got no use for that either, but it’s a nice gesture and cheaper to boot.

pot dog

Lusukasu and his co-workers

Lusukasu became a public servant in 2002 and was assigned to Moji Customs in Kitakyushu. In an unusual move for a dog in his line of work in Japan, he was transferred to Nagasaki in April this year. Was that due to an exceptional sense of smell and greater amounts of contraband being smuggled into the country at points further south? The report didn’t say.

He’s nine years old, which would make him about 60 in human years, or just about the right age for retirement. Plans call for the former narc to take it easy on the island of Amami. Said Hoshino Mitsuhiro, a self-employed businessman who will handle his care and feeding, “After his long years of service, we should let him relax on this southern island”.

Lusukasu’s big score came in April 2008, when he sniffed out 1.5 kilograms of cannabis in a package sent by mail from overseas.

Not to demean the accomplishments of an illustrious career, but he could have stumbled across more weed than that walking down the hall of my college dorm any night of the week!

Afterwords: Sorry for the posting delay. Had a problem with the modem, which threw my work schedule out of whack. It seems to be OK now.

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