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Obama is beautiful world

Posted by ampontan on Saturday, October 25, 2008

HERE’S A YouTube video lasting just under four minutes with a catchy song and video performance based on the idea that Obama (the man, not the city in Japan) is Beautiful World. (Though the city is probably where the shoe store in the video got its name.)

It’s a lot of fun and is worth watching regardless of your political preferences, because it’s a great demonstration of how positive and unselfconsciously playful the Japanese can be. It’s one of the reasons I like Japan so much. There’s not a lick of cynical irony or tiresome politicizing in there at all–just a bunch of people goofing off and having a good time.

That said, I have to wonder whether the guy wearing the helmet with the blue plastic dolphin on top has been hanging out with too many Obama supporters from the other side of the Pacific.

One Response to “Obama is beautiful world”

  1. Ken said

    Obama is said to know economy better than Macain but I do not understand how Obama knows it.

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