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Sea of clouds

Posted by ampontan on Friday, October 10, 2008

IF LIFE IN THE WORKADAY WORLD is polluting your spirit, perhaps it’s time to pay a visit to one of the ethereal mysteries of nature.

The photo here was taken early in the morning on the 9th from the summit of 1,000-meter-high Mt. Azami overlooking the Yoshino River in Miyoshi, Tokushima. When clouds fill the valley below as if they were part of a larger river flowing to the sea, it’s a sign that autumn has arrived in the area. The river of mist returns every year from September through November.

This phenomenon results from the fog created by the combination of radiational cooling at night with cool, windless mornings.

The area is somewhat well known for this—Miyoshi promotes the site as a destination for green tourism. Those for whom an autumn trip is inconvenient might consider visiting in May, when the morning fog also flows through and fills the valley.

Here’s the best part: The Japanese created a word specifically to describe this phenomenon. That’s unkai, or “cloud sea”.

And in a word, that’s poetry.

One Response to “Sea of clouds”

  1. Aceface said

    And that reminds me of this.Takeda-castle in Hyogo,aka Japan’s Machu Picchu.

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