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Wine ramen: Good to the last drop

Posted by ampontan on Tuesday, September 30, 2008

JAPANESE LIKE TO HAVE A LATE SNACK after a night out drinking, and usually that means stopping off at a noodle shop on the way home. Now a Hokkaido company has come up with a new product that lets the tipplers kill two birds with one set of chopsticks.

Noodle maker Tokachi Ni’itsu Seimen of Ikeda-Cho, Tokachi, Hokkaido, and the Ikeda-cho Tourism Association held a tasting party on the 29th for Tokachi Wine Ramen, an instant ramen product they jointly developed.

Tokappu white wine, the primary product of local vintners Tokachi Wine, is one of the ingredients of the broth, and it’s kneaded into the noodles too. The association says the noodle soup has a plain but slightly salty flavor, and sprinkling grated cheese on top makes it even tastier.

One package costs 298 yen ($US 2.15 for the next five minutes, anyway). Sales will start next month, but will be limited to Ikeda-cho, alas. The association says there isn’t enough wine in the product to get tipsy by eating it, so it’s safe for both children and adults.

Maybe so, but who’s going to stop high school boys from buying and eating five bowls at once just to see what happens!

3 Responses to “Wine ramen: Good to the last drop”

  1. Martin F said

    By all means, do let them do that, and see what happens!!

  2. Ken said

    This sounds delicious but too expensive as an instant noodle.

    BTW, that is ‘Tokappu’, isn’t it?
    I feel sorry that Koushuu is more famous now though Tokachi started winery earlier.

  3. gabuchan said

    I wanna try this!

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