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Are the Chinese the new African slavemasters?

Posted by ampontan on Monday, September 29, 2008

PETER HITCHENS offers this report in the Daily Mail on the Chinese presence in Zambia and Zaire. Not only are the Africans reduced to near-slavery, the Chinese workers being shipped to those countries (who are doing work the locals could do) are suspected of being criminals at home that Beijing wants to get rid of.

Some Africans are putting up with the Chinese presence because it is their only source of income, but nobody seems to like it much:

When Chinese President Hu Jintao came to Zambia in 2006, he had to cancel a visit to the Copper Belt for fear of hostile demonstrations. Thomas says: ‘The people who advised Hu Jintao not to come were right.’
He suspects Chinese arrogance and brutality towards Africans is not racial bigotry, but a fear of being seen to be weak. ‘They are trying to prove they are not inferior to the West. They are trying too hard.
‘If they ask you to do something and you don’t do it, they think you’re not doing it because they aren’t white. People put up with the kicks and blows because they need work to survive.’

Ugly is the only way to describe it.

One Response to “Are the Chinese the new African slavemasters?”

  1. tombouquet said

    I really like to read your blog, but please not the Daily Mail!
    Now that is ugly.

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