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Par for the course

Posted by ampontan on Thursday, July 31, 2008

THE SOUTH KOREANS like to teach their children, “Dokdo is our land.”

But could someone have made a mistake in translation? Are they really saying, “Dokdo is our sand“?

Thanks to Get a Job Son

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  2. Aceface said

    At least they have a sense of irony.
    Dokdo as the bunker….

  3. EthnocentricDoggerel said

    how ya like them apples? 🙂

  4. ampontan said

    Analysts said Bush was loathe to antagonize South Korea ahead of his visit and wanted to show support for the conservative ex-CEO Lee who had gone out of way to open up the country to U.S. beef and had taken a tough stand with U.S. arch foe North Korea.

    Sounds like the modern equivalent of buying Manhattan Island from the Indians for 20 dollars worth of trinkets.

  5. EthnocentricDoggerel said

    Just a contrarian argument for your reading pleasure… Any feedback? Preferrably something more substantive than the revisionist and smarmy flailing over supposed tropes of Korean philistinism/recklessness and Japanese gentility/emasculation that typifies this blog… Can you say “phallus envy?”

  6. ampontan said

    Congratulations! You’ve just earned a spot in the Hall of Fame at the top of the page. Take a quick tour to see for yourself.

    I enjoy reading a bit of clever invective myself, but most people aren’t capable of it. Still, the incorrect use of six words in one sentence isn’t an easy feat, so your note is worthy of recognition for that alone. Sort of like running backwards for 50 yards into your own end zone.

    But you have a way to go before reaching the heights of triple-threat Steve Schapiro. That requires being truly whacked out, truly inspired, and having a bit of intelligence.

    Work on those last two and then get back to us, won’t you?

  7. Get a Job, Son! said

    Yes, nice post EthnocentricDoggerel.
    Please read further into the Reuters reports onthe issue and you can see the following…
    “We regret that this change in designation was perceived by South Koreans as some sort of change in our policy,” Dennis Wilder, senior director for Asian affairs at the White House National Security Council, told reporters.

    After the United States was contacted by high-level South Korean government officials, Bush ordered U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to look into the matter, Wilder said.

    “It was decided after that review that the change in designation was not warranted at this time, and so that database is now being restored to where it was prior to this change in designation,” he said.

    In other words… before (lame duck) Pres. Bush visits S.Korea, Korean senior officials requested a reverse to quell any potential protests and unrest, lest the visit be more bad press for LMB.

    It hardly ranks as a ringing endorsement for S.Korean territorial rights.

  8. Get a Job, Son! said

    above text taken from

  9. Topcat said

    From the archives of Matt’s Occidentalism

  10. Get a Job, Son! said

    Well… I hate to bring up this little debate again, but in a similar vein to S.Korean foreign affairs is this little news article…

    I wonder how S.Korea can worry about relations with other countries (Japan -Liancourt / USA -beef) when they cannot sort out smaller issues with the -brothers- to the north?

  11. Bender said

    Another row with China?

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