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It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature

Posted by ampontan on Friday, July 11, 2008

THAT TROUBLE IS COMING has been obvious for years to anyone with a lick of common sense, but now some of the intellectual elite are starting to wonder what’s going to happen in China when the number of surplus young men reaches danger levels.

All those footloose and foolhardy boys are a result of the one-child policy, of course. Here’s how an article in The New Republic put the problem:

After enforcing the policy for nearly 30 years, China now has the largest gender imbalance in the world, with 37 million more men than women and almost 20 percent more newborn boys than girls nationwide….In the 2020s, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences researcher Zheng Zhenzhen, estimates in a People’s Daily interview that 10 percent of Chinese men will be unable to find wives, which could have a huge impact on Chinese society.

Those last nine words might be the most blatant understatement I’ve ever read in a serious publication. It’s almost as if the magazine doesn’t want to admit that the policy was an enormous blunder of centralized government control. Notice the wording here:

The country’s three decades of iron-fisted population planning coincided with a binge in sex-selective abortions (Chinese traditionally favor sons, who carry on the family line)…

The female journalist uses the phrase “coincided with”. What made her afraid to use the word “caused”? It’s the truth, after all.

Here’s some more understatement:

The one-child policy was instituted in an attempt to hamper the wild growth of the Chinese population. But, in the process of plugging one hole, the government may have left another open.

“May have”?

She describes groups of young men illegally forming groups to play war games, and closes on a more ominous note:

Two years ago in Nanjing, Jiangsu’s capital, businessman Wu Gang opened the Rising Sun Anger Release Bar in a cheap hotel near the bank of the Yangtze River. The bar featured staples of Chinese entertainment like big-screen karaoke and plates of sunflower seeds but also a central catwalk where, for 100 yuan ($15) per minute, customers paid to assault the waiters, single young migrants from poorer cities to the north. If a customer preferred, his victim would dress in drag.

The author is one of those people who looks at life through the wrong end of the telescope, and quotes another one:

Historian David Courtwright suggests in Violent Land that sexually segregated societies in the United States–frontier towns flush with unmarried men, immigrant ghettos in early twentieth-century cities, mining camps–are behind our propensity toward violence. The immigrants and westward migrants who shaped early America, Courtwright says, were largely young single men, who are– today as well as then–disproportionately responsible for drug abuse, looting, vandalism, and violent crime.

That’s a classic case of declaring that wet streets cause rain. Human beings–male and female–have a propensity toward violence. If you isolate the males in an uncontrolled situation, no one should be surprised at what emerges.

Now consider who the losers in the Chinese sexual marketplace will be:

“We’ll see real problems in eight or ten years,” Tao (a marriage broker) predicts. Her 17-year- old son, she assures me, has good prospects. But she already turns away a lot of single males from outlying villages with no money or education. “If they’re ugly and can’t find work, there’s nothing I can do. No one wants them.”

There will be enormous numbers of young Chinese men sexually frustrated because they are some combination of poor, uneducated, and ugly. They will have no outlet for those frustrations, and they will carry an enormous grudge because of it. Do you care to extrapolate the sort of behavior they will engage in?

We won’t have the luxury to debate theory for too much longer. If establishments such as the Rising Sun Anger Release Bar are already operating in China, the new permutations over the next 10-20 years will surely be much more unpleasant.

We already know that the Chinese government deliberately creates situations to deflect internal anger and frustration on to straw men overseas. That was behind the anti-Japanese demonstrations of a few years ago, to cite one example.

If sober and clear-minded people in governments around the world are not already devising ways to handle a hyper-nationalistic nuclear power with more than a billion people at the mercy of the largest and nastiest fraternity house in history, there’s going to be serious trouble.

Starting in Northeast Asia.

5 Responses to “It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature”

  1. As a country becomes more developed, population growth tends to control itself. It usually is a mistake to artificially control something that should be left up to nature.

  2. Get a Job, Son! said

    I have visited China many times, and always thought the divide between rich and poor would come to a head and bring about ‘social change’… perhaps even revolution.
    This is another interesting take on division in China that will also cause other social impacts. With commercialism now the new religion in China, I wonder if the old Confucian values of respect for others will hold up.

    On a related note to journalistic courage…
    I saw some Western news (CNN? BBC?) relating to food safety in Japan. The reporter said Japanese consumers were wary of imported foods after Gyoza and Eel were imported ‘from another country’ and found to be either contaminated or mis-labelled.
    My initial reaction was “why are you afraid to say ‘CHINA’ as the source of the scare?”

    … give it a name!

  3. ampontan said

    Some years ago CNN decided to change its international display on its one-minute world weather summaries. They replaced Seoul with Pyeongyang.

    As if knowing the temperature there was important. As if it were an important, landmark city in the world.

    That said, the BBC is equally capable of such obnoxious tendentiousness.

  4. madne0 said

    The answer for this problem is simple.

    Sex Robots.

    Don’t fail us now science!

  5. Ken said

    Sex Robots? It must be Xiānxíngzhě though it seems male type only as follows.

    Well, redundant Chinese men by girl thin-out cannot help going to brothel and pan-demick of AIDS will take place.
    But do not worry. History repeats.
    China will collapse and go through riots before above problems.

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