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Korea to Japan: “All your islands are belong to us”

Posted by ampontan on Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Occidentalism has a post reporting that some South Koreans with too much time on their hands are claiming that Okinawa was founded by people from the Silla Kingdom. He has links to two Korean-language sites. I’m sure this will come as news to the Okinawans.

Or should I spell that “Ocinawa“? (Though that fellow can’t seem to get it straight himself.)

6 Responses to “Korea to Japan: “All your islands are belong to us””

  1. tomojiro said

    I don’t think that such kind of silly view should be somewhat mentioned seriously.

    In every nation there are persons with very twisted moronic historical and political view.

    I think you are familliar with that but there are (were) schollars who believed that Jesus came to Japan and that the Japanese were in fact Jews.

  2. ampontan said

    Tomojiro: I understand what you’re saying, but it is getting harder to know who in South Korea is being serious. Some people also think Tsushima is Korean. Many politicians agree that the Sea of Japan should be called the East Sea, and many people think the country’s name should be spelled Corea. They already occupy Takeshima, probably illegally. These people flood institutions around the world with their demands, and those people listen when they get enough mail. Where does it start and where does it end?

  3. Matt said

    The guy from that site you link spells Korea as Corea. I wonder if he believes the “Japan changed the spelling of Corea” myth. Probably.

  4. Ryan said

    “Japan changed the spelling of Corea” Myth??
    That is not a myth. It is a historical fact that Japan had changed the first letter from C into K. They’d done that because J is preceded by C, Which seemed to be somewhat inferior. It is not true that we korean are moronic, biased and paranoid. It is you japanese who believes a history full of lies.

  5. Ryan said

    And Ampotan, We do not own Dok-do(what you call Takeshima)illegally. It is clearly legitimate to own Takeshima,on the account of the fact that it’s been more than 100 years since Dok-do was part of our territory.

  6. Chonko said

    It is not true that we korean are moronic, biased and paranoid.

    OK..tsk tsk! I am trying my hardest not to laugh. Listening to a Korean himself saying that Koreans are not moronic, biased or paranoid is soooo funny. That is like hearing an Irishman saying that the Irish are not fond of beer or hearing a Brazillian saying that they are not a fun-loving nation.

    Time to chill out with this kind of stuff, Chonko…

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