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North Korean Children’s Cartoons and Propaganda Films

Posted by ampontan on Friday, February 23, 2007

Keith Lango’s animation blog has a roughly 10-minute clip of a North Korean children’s cartoon program. Naturally, the point of the program is to instill patriotic sentiment. Considering the amount of control the government has over the media, they might well be successful.

The first few minutes have the greatest impact, but the second half has a scene with the characters enjoying a tableful of fruit. You have to wonder what the kids in North Korea think when they see that. (There’s also yet another example of the cultural similarities throughout Northeast Asia–they peel apples the same way they do in Japan, keeping the entire peel intact.)

There’s more where that came from–juchekorea has a full stash over at youtube. Try Public Information Film 2-3 to see what real propaganda looks like. It’ll be enough to give you a proper perspective on all the silliness about Karl Rove.

3 Responses to “North Korean Children’s Cartoons and Propaganda Films”

  1. James A said

    I wonder what studio does the animation. Is it a home-grown DPRK op, or do they farm out animators from China?

    Its both hilarious and disturbing just how black and white that cartoon paints everything. Juche-land for those little critters is a happy warm place with bright sun and flowers all over. While the evil wolves (Americans), weasels (Japanese), and crocodiles (Erm, South Koreans, or just another American), are out to get happy-go-lucky land.

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